Since its establishment, Cikautxo has developed innovative, cutting-edge production processes to obtain a high level of efficiency and quality in the production of polymer parts.

FEA tools to predict the behavior of our products

We are continuously adapting to the needs of our clients and providing them value added products via:

  • A close collaboration between our engineers, researchers and the customer.
  • Design and development of the most suitable materials for each application, and complete control of the most advanced manufacturing technologies.
  • Tools to predict our product´s behaviour (FEA) and therefore reduce development times and optimize functionality.
  • Proprietary testing and validation equipment, to provide solutions to technological requirements that are continuously evolving and changing.
  • Development of solutions to integrate elements such as quick connectors, resonators/silencers sensors, valves, etc.
  • Continuous quality assurance through robust organisational and productive processes.
new materials development
Material formulations
Co-developments of raw material with suppliers

Cikatek, as Cikautxo´s R+D unit, has a team exclusively dedicated to the development of new materials and product concepts. The team and development resources are focused on the complete cycle of development of new materials and concepts, from the conception phase to the final validation phase.

R&D+i Policy Proyects
driving systems with pressures
Test rig
Characterization of materials with DSC
  • Material development
  • Co-developers of raw materials with suppliers
  • Co-developers of new concepts with customers
  • 12 patent families

Main equipment

  • Equipment to develop, test and validate material compounds:
  • Testing equipment for conduction systems using pressure, temperature, movement and vibration
  • Testing equipment for low, mid and high frequency vibrations (up to 1000 Hz)
  • Test rig for components in 3 axis
  • Testing equipment for materials with DSC, RPA, optical microscopes, hardness equipment, dynamometers, etc.
  • Internal mixers and homogenization cylinders
  • SW simulation:
  • FEA, CFD, FSI, Acoustic Analysis, etc.

Cikautxo´s desire to go further has led it to its continuous innovation policy that assures its products always provide added value to its clients.

The work developed jointly with the R+D, engineering and sales department look to continuously get ahead of the market´s needs and expectations, promoting an active policy in registering and patenting more innovative solutions.