Company representatives of the Basque Alliance for the Bioeconomy with Arantxa Tapia.

Cikautxo participates together with nine other companies, in the formation of the Basque alliance for the Bioeconomy, with the aim of leading the development of the circular economy, maintaining a sustainable and environmentally friendly economic activity.

The Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure of the Basque Government has promoted the constitution of the Basque Alliance for Bioeconomy, with the initial participation of 10 private companies and representatives of public entities SPRI Group, Basque Energy Agency, the NEIKER Technology Center and the HAZI Foundation, which will assume the functions of Technical Secretariat.

This Alliance starts open to the integration of all those companies and agents that have bioeconomy projects, in development or in the market, and that show interest in collaborating and actively participating in making visible this increasingly widespread economic model in Europe and with an undoubted potential in the economic diversification of Euskadi.