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international presence

The size of Cikautxo and its flexibility enable it to establish a direct relationship with the customer. Cikautxo is present in most regions, which means it can offer a global service to its customers.

A young
and dynamic team

People and innovation, the leaders of the future. At Cikautxo we believe that people play a key role in the future of our business.

is the foundation for growth

Since its establishment, Cikautxo has developed innovative, cutting-edge production processes to obtain a high level of efficiency and quality in the production of polymer parts.

MONDRAGON Corporation
world’s largest cooperative group

Cikautxo’s robust position is further strengthened by the MONDRAGON Corporation, a product of the cooperative movement that began in the Basque Country in 1956.

Presence in



Human team of more than



Turnover of


million euros