Since its beginnings, Cikautxo has been characterized by its commitment to solidarity and to social responsibility in its local area; this is one of the hallmarks of the company.

Solidarity can be seen, firstly, in significant contributions to the wellbeing of the communities where our companies are based by improving their quality of life: directly creating jobs, generating work through other companies and encouraging a diversity of business activity.

On the other hand, Cikautxo accredits a level of standardization in the presence, use and management of Euskera with a Certificate of Quality in the Language Management, BIKAIN.

Language Policy Corporate Responsability Report

Our systems, prevention and environmental teams are the decisive forces that drive environmental responsibility at Cikautxo leading projects in this field and performing functions related to monitoring legislation and controlling the activity of the group.

One of Cikautxo's main objectives is environmental protection and pollution prevention, as set out in its Environmental Policy. Cikautxo uses as reference, the standard of Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

In addition, Cikautxo is committed to contribute to better management of environmental resources, promote energy efficiency in the company's facilities, and promote innovation in solutions and employee awareness.

Environmental Policy

The people employed by Cikautxo  are the deciding factor in its future due to their creativity, initiative, commitment and responsibility. The ultimate purpose of people management is to converge the interests of these people with the goals of the company.

We need to  generate sustainable employment in our social environment and within the international context, supporting it by developing the cooperative's businesses and improving their competitive position.

One of the most important functions of the management team is mobilising and orientating the skills of employees around business objectives, publicising the project, creating favourable work conditions, and promoting the development and involvement of different groups through organisational models of flexibility and participation in a context of freedom of information.

The Safety and Health of the people is a priority objective for the senior management who leads its implementation, through a Security Policy and a Prevention Management System Ohsas 18001.

Management encourages and disseminates a culture of prevention throughout the organization, achieving proactive and responsible attitudes towards safety and health at all levels of the organization achieved accident reduction objectives and a favorable working environment.

Security and Health policy

Integrity is fundamental to Cikautxo. Together with our other values ​​of leadership, passion, responsibility, collaboration, diversity and quality, integrity is a pillar of our organization and for this it has established its Code of Conduct. Management promotes appropriate behavior patterns among other activities:

  • Ensuring that the people they supervise understand their responsibility according to the code or other policies of the company.
  • Creating opportunities to discuss with employees the code of conduct or reinforcing the importance of ethics and compliance.
  • Creating an environment where all employees feel comfortable in presenting concerns without fear of reprisal.
Code of conduct

In August 2012, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) issued its final rules regarding “Conflict Minerals” (known as ‘3TG’ – Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and Gold) as defined in and required by section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (the “Act”).

As a result, many companies and among them Cikautxo, we are now focusing on whether and to what extent their products contain Conflict Minerals and whether such Conflict Minerals come from the Democratic Republic of Congo and the adjoining countries named in the Act.

Conflict Minerals policy

Our purchasing team that is widely trained in sustainability drives sustainable purchases.

One of the main objectives of Cikautxo, once the total carbon footprint is calculated, is to involve its suppliers in the sustainable development goals. Cikautxo has reviewed its purchasing process and included sustainability as one of the main axes, based on Cikautxo’s sustainable purchasing policy.

Sustainable purchases