Berriatua, Basque Country, Spain, CIKAUTXO MEDICAL, your development and manufacturer partner for silicone components and polymer-based catheter systems for the medical and pharmaceutical industries is opening a new manufacturing plant near its Headquarters, in the Basque Country. A 3.000 M2 building including 600 M2 of the most cutting-edge clean room production according to ISO class 7 and 8 standards (Class 10,000 and 100,000).

Based on decades of expertise in chemistry and raw materials, CIKAUTXO MEDICAL develops and manufactures a wide range of thermoplastics, silicones and high temperature components for the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries. High-tech systems for vascular access catheters, enteral feeding catheters, urology catheters, injection molded joints and valves and silicone tubing will be manufactured in this new facility using highly automated and hence competitive processes, which form the basis for a long-term oriented development and production center for CIKAUTXO MEDICAL in Europe, quote the company representatives.

This new facility will allow CIKAUTXO MEDICAL to provide customers with additional production capacity and will be also supported by a parallel expansion of the CIKAUTXO GROUP Technology Center (CIKATEK) for R&D and laboratory activities to implement new customized projects with specific focus on precision extrusions and micro-injection molding technologies.