Our varied range of clients provides the best endorsement for Cikautxo. Their satisfaction is our motivation.

Cikautxo exists because its customers exist, and hence quality consists in meet the needs agreed upon with the Customers at the lowest cost and with the best service. For this purpuso, compliance with the requirements of Clients as legal and regulatory is a priority for our organization, including compliance in the field of Information Security with a management system based on ISO 27001.

Information Security Policy

Cikautxo's competitiveness is absolutely necessary for permanence in the market and for this purpose the deployed Quality System shall move to reach customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and global optimisation of company resources, through continuous improvement of its processes.

Cikautxo aims at Continuous Improvement through Process Management and for this purpose it shall include the Planning, Execution, and Assessment cycle in the Quality System in order to do things right, the first time.  All this, using as reference the quality standard IATF 16949.